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It’s hard to find someone whom you truly love,
much less to find someone who loves you as much.
When the chance comes, don't ever let go.

Just reach home from casting ,
there's a film about modelling industry , so was asked to go casting.
was late for like 20 mins >.<>
so anws , doubt ie can get the role cause the moment ie finish my interview ,
another model came in and she's like one head taller den me :(
damn ~
Oh wells,
so went to amk park mac , bro treat me drinks and went home.
Nana was suppose to meet me before casting to eat breakfast together but this idiot ,
sleeep alr dont want wake up , idiot !!

was suppose to meet kaming today , but he need to go out wiht his sis ,
so met him ytd instead .
went on a double date with cass and jason ,
like old times, lols!
Only differences is that kaming and ie airnt together yet .
kaming bought for me two tanks tops :)
wanted to go clarke quay with him and his friends but mum was like
' i wan u home before 12 .'
guess she still mad at kaming for hurting me once bahs.
Oh wells , ie cant blame her she's only making sure ie dont get hurt again ..
so kaming walked with me to taka to meet nana ,
den he went off to clarke quay and ie went dinner with nana :)
hahahahas , after that home sweet home.

Oh, went ie reach home , mum totally ignore me ..
ie went into her room and watch tv with her ,
she's like " why ? u and ron tgt again uh ? "
me : No lah , just friends .. but the future is see how things goes loh .
mum : ie dont understand u lah , .......
and some confidental stuff ie shouldnt be saying here .
so yeah , its quite hurting uh ,
although i know she doesnt wan the history to repeat ,
but ie need support from my mum in this relationship uh ,
in whatever i do , i need her blessing and support.

ie was quite pissed off and walked out frm her room ,( which ie totally shouldnt have , cause its totally rude when she's alr so disappointed ... im so sorry mum. )
went to my room and used the com.
went into this profile ,
and ie got a lil disappointed =.-
maybe its cause of that ie was alr feeling so down and when ie saw the fs proile ,
ie got even more moody =.-
kaming called at ard 3?
but ie totally had no mood to talk to him ,
Oh wells.

anws , here are ytd pic .
Nana , my love ♥
the two tank tops.
Thanks carrot ♥

Have another casting on mon , need go all the way to chinatown >.<
hahahas ,
lucky nana is acc me go .
yiipeee :D
stay tune (:


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