8:10:00 PM

Okay ,
i just finished jogging and ate my dinner ... :)
i feel healthy and full ,
and im in super good mood today :]
Hahahahas ,

so anws , school was normal today ..
same as everyday :/
Ivan played a trick on terence uh , he put the sticky mouse trap under terence chair ,
and terence stand up and step on the mouse trap ,
his reaction was super funny ,
laughed till my stomach hurts .
omg , this made our school food dangerous to consume now lah ..
What if , the ' poison ' enters the food ,
presbyterian high student will be appearing on newspaper ,
1st school to get .
Hahahahas ,

Actually , i totally dont buy the thing about the rats spreading the poison ?
the rats got the poison , run run run , vomit ..
and the food got affected?
lols !
i just feel its sounded more like pushing the blame to the poor rats?
trying to kill it is alr BAD enough , still pushing the blames to it when the rat's poison spread.
But i shall not comment much on it tho and its just fully my own opinion !

went home , the weather was fucking hot ..
so ie was resting on my bed and decided to go jog at 5:30 .
was msging with kaming ..
and suddenly when i open my eyes , its 6:50 !!
dammit ,
immd change and go jog til ard 7:30 :)

Oh yes , im in super good mood is cause ..
ie got in to the finalist for my casting ,
the casting ie went on mon :)
1 girl and myself will be going for the final casting on tuesday :]
ie rly didnt expect to get into the final casting as ie thought i was too stiff on that day .
den as ie was about to start jogging ,
my co. called and said ie got chosen for the finalist .
1 girl and me.
the client will be flying from overseas to singapore to see us.
immd called mum and tell her ,
and she was like skip remedial .. go for casting :)
Heh !

Hope ie can get this ad uh ,
cause this ad looks super professional ,
the photographer is an angmoh ,
actually all the staff are americans..
lols ,

I need NEW OFFICE OUTFITS !! rahhhh :(

Alrights ,
have some overdue photos on last friday ,
taken it from cass's blog .
Cass and Cas , lols!
Kaming is a cam-whored toooo.

Lastly ,
Kaming and cas :]
Alrights , shall go do myeng homework now ,
stay tune (:


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