3:15:00 PM

School as usual =.-

good news was that no remedail today :)
yiipees ,
so anws , today during math class .
was msging with kaming and trying to sleep .
suddenly mrs pow came and took my bag away ,
luckily ie put my hp in my pocket >.<
or ie have to say byebye to my hp for a month !
Hahahahas :)

And im damn pissed off with something ,
ie cant say what the thing is abt .
confidential * However , im damn pissed off lah .
what a bastard , what a slut .
omg , ie cant believe this kind of ppl actually still lives in this world .
screw their parents for giving bath to them ,
loser mother toot *
god damn it , and to you.
Hope u will cheer up yeah ?
not worth to get upset over losers,
u worth more :)
and lastly , I LOVE YOU babe ♥

sometimes , i rly do think that guys are just bastard .
But now , ie realise some girls are just bitches too =/
dammit .
hate hate hate them.

Oh here are the left over pic yet to be post up.
georgina & CAS ♥
kaming and me ,
ie noe my hair is messy , im sweating lah .
lol !
yups , ie need to rush for my poa now.
so , stay tune (:


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