4:10:00 PM

To forgive is not so hard to do
To forgive is quite simple
To forgive you is easy to do,

To forget is what i wish to do
To forget is what i want to do
To forget what you put me through ,
To forget is not easy to do.

I'm home ,
other classes are at ZOO now .
How cute , our class chose not to go to zoo .
lols !
so after sch , time practice den home.
anws , its not so bad after all .
They rest are paying $11 and walking under the bloody hot sun right now ,
while im in my room with the fan facing right beside me .
how wonderful is this .

But , its been years since ie visit our singapore zoo .
In fact , the last time ie went its like primary school ?
who wanna bring me go to zoo >.<
hehehes !
*hint hint .

So , im still not eating ,
mum said she's worry i will collapse.
but ie was like ,
isnt it good if ie faint?
den the moment ie open my eyes ,
ie will be slim again !
Hahahahas :]
ie cant wait till dinner , my gastric is killing me .
ie can feel my stomach growling every few mins.

Sorry tummy , it will be hard on you .
Who ask u , store so much fats .
Now !!
im going to starve u !

Kaming is back from his field trip .
he told me they had to sleep on ground.
omg , is like raining and the ground are all muddy .
poor thing !
No blanket somemore ...
seriously , NS sounds more like NIGHTMARE to me.
Hahahas :]
Too bad , boys are boys .
born to be tough to defence our country ,
*claps* for our army boys .
heh !

btw , did ie mention ie slim down 1 kg?
Good news right?
im like jumping for joy when ie saw the weighing machince pointing ** .
omg , the feeling was super super wonderful lah .
it motivates me to NOT eat more !
cause ie noe , its working and its worth it :]

I'll never do anything that isnt worth my time .
esp when it comes to r/s thing.
so , better prove to me its worth it uh ..
hahahas ,
dont ever let me down or disappoint me agains.
u know who im referring to :p

a picture of nana at crystal jade bread shop .

Stay tune (:


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