6:01:00 PM

weird , isnt it?

Okay , so nana is sleeping on my bed now .
I'm rly sad to see my own cousin going thru such a hard time .
I'm rly hopes she wake up :/
All i could do is nag at her , nag nag nag ...
i believe she's like bored of my nagging alr ,
but thats all i can do .
And i know it isnt much of what i could do , but ... :/

So anws , chi test was ALRIGHT.
yes , ALRIGHT only ..
i realise my hand-writing is like damn slow lahs.
I have trouble thinking how to translate english to chinese .
But luckily , the compo title suits me .
But many error in my words and I have NO TIME to search the dictionary .
sad case :/
Oh wells , i better train the speed of my writting den.

So , I'm really not eating alr .
And it is suffering , I'm suffering from gastric pain .
I'm suffering cause I'm starving.
But , i believe it will ALL BE WORTH IT once i get back to my usual shape.
I'm weighing myself almost every hour ,
as if I can slim down in an hour?
Hahahas , but yeah .
hopefully ONE DAY when i stand on the weighing machine , i will see an improvement?

That day will come , thats for sure .
and i cant wait , i will definitely call kaming and tell him the good news ,
den i will go jump ard on my bed and hug myself to sleep?

And i just have this question mark (?) in my head.
like , why would a girl fight for a guy ?
is it worth it , why make the guy happy?
why dont they get it that guys are merely flirting ard ,
making all these girl fall for him and den fight over him ?
its like their pleasure to see girls fighting over them , i believe they feel honoured .
And when a girl says , " Thats it , im not fighting over u anymore .. i give up "
the guy will just start saying stuff like " Why u give up ?! NO its not over btn us. "
isnt it OBVIOUS that the guy is just holding the girl back SO that he can continue watching the girls
fighting over him , making him feel 'wanted' ?
why fight for a guy when there is like so many trees out there .
when there is millions of good guys out there ?
why fight over a guy who doesnt worth fighting for?
its not like he is edison OR zac efron , cause seriously ..
If he is , i will be queuing up to fight for him ,
But the guy isnt even a tiny bit like him .
Not even a 0.0000000000000000001% alike , so tell me !
what is there to fight for?!
Think about it LADIES , rly .. think hard and ask urselves .
Is it worth it?
feeling upset all the time , worrying all the time , crying all the time .

And I also really wonder ,
why is the guy so selfish ? just because they want ladies to be fighting for them .
they ignore the misery the ladies go thru ,
and is unwillingly to let the lady go ?
why ?!
I really feel that guys should just wake up from their fancy dream .
it isnt like the olden days when its alright for guys to have many many ladies sharing him .
its 2009 , its a 1-1 relationship thing ..
By making girls fight for u may be a pleasure to u , but its mean AND a real badass !
Have some conscience guys.

I seriously dont get it ,
its not like these guys are handsome / rich ?
i just cant see any positive things that he is worth fighting for.
like YUCKS *

Oh wells , just some random post about guys .
And im NOT referring to kaming alrights -.-''
Hahahas ,
I believe that guy cant even be compared to kaming .
tho kaming isnt perfect , but he is definitely better den that guy .
well , its just some question mark(?) wondering in my head .
spinning ard , walking ard ..
so i decided to blog about this .

stay tune (:


p/s : im hungry >.<

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