4:34:00 PM

Believe in myself , time is almost up.

Hello world :]
school as usual , so i got nothing to blog about .
I'm suppose to complete my dieting plan by now ,
but i still haven reach my target :'[
This is super saddening .
damn !!

Prelim 1 for eng and SS is super near , and im not prepared yet .
I haven't study anything for SS , i dont even know what i should studying on .
damn , i feeling pretty stress up with school work ,
lots are pilling up .
Every teacher gives alot and expect it to be hand in by fri .
and its like alot of work man !
I'm lagging for math , my brain dont seems to be cooperating with me ,
the moment i thought i'm doing well ,
mrs pow gives a paper , and i fail badly for the paper.
My brain is super stiff , once the qus is twist around .
I will get super blur .
dammit ,

O lvl is so near , yet i'm not even ready .
Idk why , im getting nervous .
yes , i should be worried .
With where i am standing now , I'm should be biting my nails off alr.
rahs !

Alrights , like i said .
Nothing much to blog , just some random stuff :\
stay tune :]


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