3:19:00 PM

Can you hear me?

Hmms :/
im home , skipped PE and Time practice .
wasnt in the mood to do any of those stuff =/
feeling down for these few days , idk y either.
well , maybe i do ?
Dont get me wrong , its nothing about him .
Its something abt me , i guess? :/

well , anws , had a great day in sch today .
class was fun cause mr qinghai talk alot of funny stuff.
and recess was full of laughter with the ladies.
we practically scream in the canteen -.-
for some funny reason .
inside joke *
Hahahas !
But wasted chia didnt join us for recess .
heh !

I got a pimple growing on my chin , didnt want to burst it.
But swee said my pimple is attracting attention .
hahahas , cause when i talk she tends to look at my pimple .
And when i go for history class ,
chia notice my pimple too .
shags ~ so i decided to burst it.
hahahas :D
school was fun fun fun !
guess , thats what friends are all about .

So , im going to get some rest sooon .
yeps , hopefully .. i will be back on track soon .
I'm just a lil confuse , lost , puzzled.
But .. I will be back . I promise.
Mood swings :/ ladies thing i guess.

nv had such terrible mood swing tho .

stay tune (:


p/s : can u hear me?

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