11:14:00 PM

I just bathed ,
going sleep pretty soon , decided to just blog alil .
wanted to blog on one particular thing .
But decided not to :/
just hung the fone with kaming , he went to play his stupid dota.
I hate dota man , i hate hate hate .
cause idk how to play , so i cant play w him , so i hate dota !

Anws , my mood seems alright now?
well , its more like 50-50 .
skipped PE agains as i rly didnt felt like doing any exercise .
cause i dont wants to eat >.<
just nice , kaming msg that he just book out.
so , went to meet him as he would be having guard duty frm sat to tues.
So , i wont be meeting him during the weekends .
so slacked at his house and headed home at 8.

And i wont be going out on the weekends as prelim are on monday and tues !
damn , going to spend my next few days studying on venice and globalisation .
I must pass for SS prelim man , I must scored a 1 for O lvl .
thats my target .
and i cant wait till JUNE HOLI :]
going to plan some fun and at the same of course
study hard as exams are ard the corner alr.

Oh , a couple of birthdays are coming up .
Chia's , kaming's .
damn ! shopping time .
any request on what to buy guys?
heh .
well , i sort of have an idea on what to buy for kaming .
But i have yet to decide anything for chia ..
No idea what to buy!

alrights , stay tune (:


p/s : study hard for prelim people !

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