5:00:00 PM

I need you to change for me. Can you?

Home from school ,
had time practice for eng paper , the eng is super chim =.-
damn !
i rly need to build up on my vocab .

Anws ,
there's nothing much to blog today .
might be going to RP tmr?
try what geo said , very nice tom yam ban mian ?
Hahahas :]
And sat will be going out with kaming , celebrate his friend birthday :]
my weekend is planned.
Hahahas , sunday .. mummy will be going for a wedding dinner .
So , maybe will be meeting kaming again ?
idk :/

anws , I just wanna upload some pic on mother's day .
its quite alot , But !
photobucket is having some kind of problem .
Fuck , i still have like soo many homework to do .
History , Poa , Social Studies.
and this is wasting my time !
dammit :\

Alrights , i will wait for 5 min , if cant then i wont be posting any pic for today .

Alrights , still cant -.-
will upload when photobucket is back !

Stay tune (:


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