11:32:00 AM

Okay , i just woke up in a terrible state.
My mouth stink and taste vomit , my dress stained with vomit and my make up is
totally messed up , hair super messy and my gastric hurts!

Didnt plan to go out ytd till nana called and ask if I want to go to clarke quay tgt with her mum .
And geo agreed to go , so didnt be the spoilt spot and went .
headed down to Fashion Bar , its fun !
nice place to just relax and have fun .
hahahas ,
the bartender is super friendly too ,
we ordered a bottle of champagne and vodka ,
we stayed thr till ard 1 ,
and the bartender came to us
and tell us his manager would bring us down to rebels so that we can dance.
Hahahas ,
so , we headed down to rebel .
didnt check ic , didnt pay for entry fee .
How wonderful !! :]
But the music in rebel totally isnt my kind , -.-
I would say , i prefer st james , powerhouse.
and out of the blue , my head starts to spin ..
den vomitted ..
and vomitted ..
[ The feeling totally sucks ! ]
the security help lead us out of rebel .
and , i forgot whr my beloveds went ..
geylang for steamboat i think ?
and next thing , I woke up in my bed .

But its was fun ytd , we still have vodka left ,
and they told us they will help us reserve a table if we come in future .
Fashion Bar , i will be going thr often :]
Next week right girls?
hahahas !

Oh , and when i woke up , saw 5 miss call in my hp .
lols , all frm the same person , kaming .
den nana told me I kept calling the same person name when i was drunk.
heh !

Pic are still with geo , so after she send me the pic , i will upload them :]
super wild , fun and loving pictures!
alrights , stay tune (:


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