1:35:00 AM

Sometimes , i'm unsure about my own feelings :/

I just watched MVP valentine .
finally finish watching all the episode , okay .
i know i'm super lag , this show is like years ago .
Hahahas , whatever ~
its a rly nice show tho , but i still feel no show can beat My Girl [ korean drama ]
its like the best drama i ever ever watch .

die , i going be like chia alr , attracted to drama .
hahahahas :D joke !

didnt go school on thurs , and i not going school today too :]
cause i didnt do my POA homework , so decided not to go.
Mon will be my O lvl chi .
wish me luck , i rly hope i will do well and need not take another time.
hopefully i can score a A2 , which is quite impossible .
but , u never know .. mircale might happen!
hahahas ,

June holiday begins next week , woohoos ~
but , cant have too much fun .
will be asking people out to study ,
especially raymond , must ask him teach me math !!
lols !
time is running out , so near to O lvl .
I'm starting to feel the pressure , even now thinking abt the O lvl on mon ..
I'm actually nervous , my heart beat increase alil .
Omg , the last time i feel nervous for my exams is when i took N lvl.
now ...
but chi , what to study ? nothing -.-
damn .

tue is chia's birthday , :] hohos.
bought her birthday present alr , no idea what to buy for her..
in the end , spotted something i felt it look rly rly sweet and i like it .
so i bought it ,
im not sure if she likes it or not ,
but im buying something i like for her.
hahahas :]

Okays , everyone is offline now -.-
boredom .
all going school tmr . tsk!
and Fashion Bar tmr , woots ~

stay tune (:

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