4:15:00 AM

Things happened for a reason , i guess.

Okay , im back home from fashion bar .
Kaming was understanding today -.- surprised .
he just said , dont drink too much .
dont worry , i only drank 1 cup today :]

Today wasnt as high as last week , cause geo was like super tired today .
And i didnt drink much at all , so ... i couldnt become high and wild.
so , i still urber sober now !
hahahas ,
i have plenty of pic to upload tho ...
will upload once geo upload it in her com and sent to me .
I think she's sleeping alr.

Anyways , a super super shocking thing happened today.
met Yan mei at Fashion Bar .
well , it all started when she msg-ed geo that she missed us , geo , yuwen , chia and me.
so ... geo msg her that we are at Fashion Bar and if she misses me , she can come Fashion Bar look for us since she's at Rebels.
I didnt expect her to actually come , but she did .
I wasnt mentally prepare .
after all the past that happened , the conflicts and stuff .
its rly awarkard u know -.-
she hugged me , and i seriously gt a shock .
like i dont know what to react .
and she told me she misses the old times ,
wells ~ things happened for a reason i guess? :/

We can never turn back the time to the good old days.
there is alr an awarkard feeling between us alr.
But she changed alot , become prettier :]
gald that she is doing well .
Oh wells ~ if it werent for the past , i believed we would still be friends .

So , im like so awake right now .. dont even feel tired at all !
i thought we would be going zirca today ..
but , in the end we didnt .. everyone seems to be tired except me today .
Hahahahs !
and geo vomitted ice cream out.
alrights , just a short post ,
gonna go wash up and maybe use the computer for awhile,
den have a good sleep when i'm tired.
meeting out with Nana tmr , got some shopping to do :]

stay tune (:


p/s : heard of the first case on N1H1 , take extra precaution people :]

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