1:25:00 AM

2 days of consideration , think wisely.

Alrights , practical test was kinda fun ?
hahahas , especially playing the fire with the wooden splint.
lols !

But the teachers actually let us wait from 7.30-8.30 den the paper start .
wtf ?!
totally wasted our precious time.
after practical , decided to go find kaming .
however , we had some misunderstanding or should i say arguments ,
so he headed to meet gary while i head home.
was so pissed off that i took cab home which caused me like $7 ?!
wth .
waste my money , was even more pissed off while i paid the uncle.

So , after slacking at home for awhile , raymond asked if i want to watch terminator.
well , he can go meet his friends , i can too :]
so met them at yck mrt and headed to amk .
watched the 4:35pm show ,
ratings : 8/10
the sound effect is POWER ! lols !
story line isnt bad tooo , worth a watch .

hahahas . anws ..
I'm having prelim eng oral tmr , i wonder how long they gonna let us wait this time -.-
my head is starting to hurt now ...
idk why , so sudden .
damn ~ suddenly i feel my fever is coming out -.-
so ... back to the point ,
i will be going to seoul garden to celebrate chia's birthday ,
dont feel like eating tho . >.<
and , i'm having casting for creative at 5pm !
tmr is gonna be damn rushing , have to rush to chinatown ...
lols ~

alrights , my head rly rly hurts damn badly all of the sudden ,
im going to sleep now.
goodnights all ,
stay tune (:


P/S: Boy , remember .. just 2 days , i hope u take it seriously .
P/S : At times , i feel i prefer my past life... :/

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