10:28:00 PM

Alone feels amazingly alright to me.

Omg , guess what .
I went shopping MYSELF today :]
hahas ,

somehow i had this urge to go out ,
but didnt had this urge to go out with friends ,
i did try to ask nana out tho , but i think her mum is going to drive her out in their new car .
so at first ,
i was thinking of calling ppl out , but my hand just dont seems to be willing to.
i somehow didnt have that mood to go out with anyone.
then at that moment , my brainwave sort of hit me.

Let me go shopping alone today ,
hahas , immediately , i went to bath and change :]
and i went out alone , went to sbw new shopping center MYSELF ,
shopped and walked ard ..
And i bought new colour contact lens :]
bought green this time and purple for bro .
cause they were having a promotion , buy 2 box get 2 free .
how cool is that , total $56 .
cheap ?
idk .

after that , i walk ard seeing birthday cakes for kaming .
was wondering what type should i buy , i wanna buy those small ones.
lols .
and den , after i shop finish at sbw ,
i headed down all the way to city hall ,
frm city hall shopped all the way to marina sq by myself.
i walk into all the shops ,
tried on their clothes but didnt buy any :]
just for fun lah -.-
lols ,
went to city chain to collect my stuff , den went into zara to tried on more of their dresses .
love them so much , but hate them cause too expensive -.-
I broke alr.

aftermath , home sweet home :]
a nice day to shop myself , i dont find it lonely ,
instead to me , shopping alone is peaceful .
listen music and slowly walk ard .
think i will do that often alr.
hahahas ~

alrights , I'm playing dota now.
stay tune (:


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