5:21:00 PM

Boys are weird creatures , agree?

internet connection is facing some problems lately .
dont know what is happening , keep disconnecting.
anws , chi paper 1 was screwed.
cause I was so stubborn to only study the informal format .
and ...
today's question , i totally dont understand what is the question talking about.
Had no choice but to do the formal letter .
And my format is screwed.

Lols , paper 2 wasnt as difficult as i expected , honestly .
the words airnt tho chim ones , that u totally catch no balls.
its quite easy to understand ..
but somehow , i lost 11 marks cause i didnt complete the paper .
all screwed.

lols , oh wells ~ i wont think abt it cause its alr done.
what done cannot be undone .
so no use blaming myself and crying like a baby over it .

anws , tmr is chia's birthday .
either celebrating it on tmr or wed .
I feel celebrating tmr will be more meaningful tho.
but ... swee cant make it .
so , idk ..
see how bahs,
No matter what , I love you chia.

so after sch , headed to junction 8 with sheryl and shiling
as sheryl wanna buy chia's birthday present , aftermath ..
shiling headed home.
sheryl and me went bubble tea , slacked and chatted till 4 .
PRO? lols !

and i have to be in school by 7:30 for some science practical tmr -.-
wth -.- thr goes my beauty sleep ,
Hope i wont bomb the science lab up , hahahas .
Okay , i'm exaggerating.
hahahas ,

Nana's first day of work as a dentist assistance .
I wonder how is it going , good?
hope she wont get scolding uh .
it gonna be a tough job , but its benefical , so .. work hard babe .
Loves ♥

Alrights , i'm going to sleep now ,
the weather is killing me , my head is spinning .
I wanna lie on my bed.
so BYE !

stay tune (:


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