11:42:00 PM

Going malaysia on sunday people :D

I just bathed finish ,
feeling clean and fresh now .
I slept till 6:30pm today , omg.
my sleeping timing is in a mess right now !
I cant sleep early , i only starts to feel tired at 7am ,
and i sleep 12 hrs a day ,
omg .
Nana , i'm becoming u !
did u put any curse on me?
I dont want to be a vampire !!!

hur -.-
so anws , i will be going out with nana tmr :]
for some pool session at cineleisure.
geo will be attending elson's event .
so , she will be meeting us ltr for movie.
Lols !

Thanks geo for ur camera :]
Loves ~
so , I've been super good nowadays ,
not going out , just staying home :]
but , i still haven touch my books yet .
rahs ~
and sheryl just told me ytd that we are having our prelims once sch reopens.
this is a nightmare cans?
I better start studying ....

Random post :x
stay tune (:


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