10:08:00 PM

I'm home , earth creatures .
Hahahas :]
went out with nana and geo like i said.
anws , I'm so sorry that i overslept today .
I only managed to sleep at 7am today morning .

I tuck myself into bed at 4:30 ,
but my brain just couldnt rest at all , was thinking and thinking .
all th way till 7 , thats when my eyes starts to tears . ( tired tears )
and den i start yawning continuously ,
and soon unknowingly entered my dream land.
Hahahas ,
but recieved a phone call frm a slimming center at 12 -.-
will be going to a 2 hr slimming treatment tmr :]
woots ,
only have to pay $24 cause we registered for some promotions stuff :]

I'm soooo happy , tho i doubt 2 hrs will do much help , but whatever !
I'm still happy happy happy :D

Back to th point.
so i went back to sleep after answering the call .
I told myself to wake up at 1:30 ,
and i did woke up at 1:30 , but decided to take another 15min nap as I'll only be meeting nana at 3.
somehow , i fell back to sleep all the way till 2:30 .
nana called and i was like now what time.
she said 2:30 and i got shocked , i thought it was 1:30 still -.-
Omg !

luckily nana was smart enough to call me before leaving house or i think i will be dead today .
Hahahas :D

i think i must start studying soon , real soon .
arrrghh , i cant slack anymoreee , i cant i cant i cant !
what happened to my motivation to STUDY HARD !
humpf ~

anws , ate ban mian today :]
but not very nice today tho -.-
lols, headed down to amk for some pool session .
geo say she wanna be a v.i.p thr so that she can play anytime she wants in future.
hahahas , will be going thr soon agains ,
another round of pool session :D

aftermath , home sweet home .
here are the pic for today :]
Cas ♥ Geo
Me ♥ Nana toooo :D
hehes .

Pool session
georgina , Okay she have a trademark while she's playing pool .
But cant say , its our lil secret :]
me , wore a jacket cause its super cold and i dont think i would want to 'zao geng'
infront of all those ah bengs thr =.-
Nana sweetie ♥
Nana ♥
fooling ard :]

Had fun :]]
stay tune (:


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