9:04:00 PM

--edited at 12:18AM--
raymond said he allow that pic to be posted up.
so ,
dont laugh.
he short of an umbrella on his shoulder , dont u think so ?
Hahahas , joking lah :p

Reached home at ard 7:30 , drank some soup and ate some dishes.
and now i just came out of the toilet after a bad stomache !!

Anyways , didnt go anywhr today .
woke up at 7:50am , after changing went to raymond's house.
after his mum , him and his sister are ready ,
we went to KFC to eat their morning porriage.
yummmy :p

Lols ,
walked back to his house and i slept thr till 6+ .
was forced to sleep ._.
aftermath , raymond headed to toh payoh for bball training while i headed home.

Going to log in to mlg now >.<
heard mdm lee is unhappy as very less ppl are logging into mlg.
and i still have not complete my poa homework!
so many question ...
rahs ~
tmr Pulau Ubin trip is cancel -.-
postphone it to friday ..

here is a pic to end off with ,
ah cock sleeping.
hahahas !
actually got one more pic de , but i dont think i should upload loh .
very nan kan lah .

stay tune (:


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