9:20:00 PM

Things come and go isnt it?

alrights , fittings was alright today .
Nana stayed over last night , so i slept at ard 4am and woke up at 6am
to get prepare for my fittings .

reached chinatown at 9:30 , and the stylist asked me to change to the clothings he wanted to see me in.
changes 2 sets and den I'm done.
there was quite a number of model at there today ,
all taller than me -.-
Oh wells ~

so rushed from chinatown to school for history :]
woots ~
totally super rushing , i'm like dead beat when i reach school .
and I'm so tired after 2 hrs of sleep only.
after school went home and nana was still sleeping.

was suppose to go out with nana today .
but my brain totally shut down when i reach home ,
I'm like sooo tired .
In the end , poor nana had to go home.
I'm sorry babe , i totally got too tired and my brain just shut down .
I owe u one :]

dont think I'm going out tmr , staying at home on a sat i guess -.-
I feel like swimming tho .
heh !
maybe i shall head down to the pool myself to have a nice swim :]
sounds cool!

alrights , stay tune (:


P/S : you airnt worth it :/

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