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Today's horoscope says : Regardless of the time spent together,
there are ups and downs in every relationship.
You, of course, know that. You understand the importance of time spent,
so you're less likely than most to leave a relationship when times are tough.
Now, then, when times are anything but tough,
you're also more likely to express your gratitude and appreciation in a wonderful,
thoughtful yet practical way.
Just don't be too practical.
A nice long hug can't be priced, but it also can't be bought.

Kinda like today's horoscope.
So anws , i have not been blogging lately as I stayed home .
and I've been sleep till 4-5pm everyday .
Today worst , i sleep all the way till 7pm -.-
I wonder when i started feeling so tired , its like no matter how many hours i slept ..
its never enough .
so anws , i have also spent my days watching a tawain drama ' Devil Beside You '
i know its a super long ago show , lols !
i watched it like 10 times alr , but u know what ..
i still cried after watching this show .
its just so nice and Mike He is just so handsome and cool.
Hahahas , so i spent my days in my room laughing and crying all by myself ,
still haven start studying yet .
damn !
what to do , i need to boost my study spirit up up up !
school is starting in about another 1 weeks + , but i did not touch any books for 1 month .
this is horrible man , i lost interest in studying when O lvl are so god damn fucking near .
omg !

Also , my stomach have been giving some kind of problems lately.
is like whatever i eat , the next thing i will suffer frm a bad diarrhoea almost instantly.
I'm not kidding , is like i went to eat passion fruits , next i rush to the toilet and everything comes out.
den when my parents came home with some food , i took a you tiao , ate it ..
and i start having this rumbling feeling in my stomach ,
next thing , i rush to the toilet agains .
should i be happy that my stomach is rejecting everything i'm eating??
cause i wont get fat , its kinda what i wish for .
hehe !
omg , i'm actually wishing for this diarrhoea to continue -.-

And , i mention before that geo and me will be going to a slimming center right?
well , i was told that i only had to reduce 2% of exceed fats -.-
but if i wanna do the treatments , i had to pay $1700 -.- , of course thr's a cheaper treatment
15 treatment $350 .
but after considering , i dont think my that 2% of exceeded fats worth this amt lahs -.-
its not like i'm overweight or what .
I told her i wanted a 47kg .
but she said it will be slightly underweight then.
and she's afraid as nowadays , young teenagers dont want to be slim , they want to be skinny !
and i was like , yeah ! i wanna be aneroxia rather den fat right?
lols :D
but i'm not going to let my mum pay such a huge amt for these treatments.
i will wait till i earn my own money and wait until after i married and i give birth ,
that's when all my figure runs away , den i will pay that huge amt to get me back in shape ;D
lols !

and i bought this rly cool face mask frm bodyshop .
i used it , i find it rly goood :]
will take a photo of it soon .

Alrights , I wanna go bath now !
stay tune (:


p/s : live ur days will enjoyment ! Club before school starts everyone !

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