11:52:00 PM

What would it be like on friday ?

So ... curious :]

Alrights , had prelim oral today .
it was so-so , didnt had much problem reading ..
but conversation was quite tough ?
lols ,
after oral , rushed home to sleep ..
YES , i was suffering frm headache , so ..
slept from 12 -2:30 .
woke up rushed to change for my casting .
reached chinatown at ard 4:30 ?

casting was ultra fun tho i doubt i will get the ad.
but , its like super fun uh , i was ask to dance , talk and do many funny things.
I kept laughing .
hahahas , but my mood was totally spoilt when the moment i walk out ,
a tall , american lady came in ! -.-
how can i be compare to her , i was wearing heels .
and she was wearing flats yet she was taller den me .
and she's pretty uh , with american's features ?
so sharp .
i immediately become down.

called swee and chia .. they were stiill at home.
so , i went bugis and shopped ard myself until ard 7?
finally they reach bugis , ate steamboat ..
going be damn fat !
lols , cause i eat super super alot today ,
both ladies stop eating and i continue eating .
hahahahas !
but its like so long nv eat such nice food alr , totally miss the feeling of eating w/o worries lah.
hahahas ,
but after i eat , i felt fat agains -.-

aftermath , went to the new bugis shopping center , the shops were almost close , so we headed home.
thr's chemistry test tmr , but decided to skip this one .
I rly need a good sleep and rest ,
I know , i'm falling sick soon, rly damn sick.
hur hur :(
and i dont wish to enter any clinic now , its like the more dangerous place to be.

Alrights ,
i'm going to wash up ,
surf the net alil while and enter dreamland.
stay tune (:


p/s : maybe tmr i will upload all the overdue pic in my hp :]

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