10:23:00 PM

What's happening?

Alrights , spent whole day at home , surfing nets and played alil of dota. -.-
cause i'm too bored.

anws , I have this particular thing to blog about.
whats up with the worms in food nowadays?!
on friday , while elain , chia , sheryl , gary and me were at market .
we found a worm in elain's bowl of noodle .
totally disgusted.
at first I thought , its some kind of vegetables rolled together ,
but it look kind of weird , so i told elain , and its a worm !!

Today , my bro JUST told me like 1 min ago to go down to see what he found in my dad food.
My dad order those fried sotong ..
and guess what ,
my bro found 2 worms inside + a flying insects with eyes !!
I took pic of it ,
omg .
what the hell is this ?
if my dad were to eat and get food poisoning ,
I'm so going to sue the company until they need not think abt opening any business
in the food industry anymore ,
1 worm its alright .
But 2 worms and a big flying insect that look like moth is ridiculous !
Wtf .
I'll upload the pic soon ,
let u all see the disgusting thing.
damn it , and I'm going to find out what stall my dad bought it from ,
incase my dad accidentally ate any of that thing and get food posioning !
- touchwood -

anws , geo just discuss with me abt her birthday celebration .
she's thinking abt either opening party in sentosa resort or in a club .
lols !
remember to book early girl , and i will be thr no matter what :]

anws , tmr going for my shooting at Morton'sBar inside Mandarin Oriental.
excited and I'm really afraid that my body will be super stiff that day .
alrights , i'm going to my grandma house alr .
upload the pictures ltr.

stay tune (:


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