6:23:00 PM

失去的不能重來 .. Life is something we ought to cherish .

My eyes feels so irritated now , seems so dry and itchy .
am i getting a sore eyes soon :/
Hope not !
I never gt a sore eyes before , but it seems rly scary uh !

So yeps , school as usual today .
was so disappointed when i saw my hist result .
failed , was utterly disappointed.
I never fail my humanitiies before , this got me rly worry .
I only managed to pass 1 sub in my prelim which is English .
Plus , im not scoring very well for english either , did i make the wrong choice to continue sec 5?
No matter what , wrong choice or not .. its pretty near to O lvl alr , gotta start to study super hard if i wanna score well .
I dont think i would want to retain or worst , end up with nothing after this year uh .

I realise my study mood is all gone , i dont rly have that motivation to study ..
swee said :' finally the real cas is back . '
but i feel i got to remove the old cas and change a new cas .
cause old cas doesnt like to study , and now , i gotta make myself love to study ,
which isnt a very easy thing to do , cause study isnt fun at all >.<
Prelim 2 is just 3 weeks away den after prelim 2 , its abt a month from O lvl.
I'm left with this 100m to go !

Anws , after school .. went market to eat with raymond , qinghai , binyao and lizhe.
headed to raymond's house and fell alseep.
In th end , woke up at 5pm so cancelled today's tuition.
anws , this tuition isnt doing much help.
after doing my prelim 1 , i realise those stuff my friends taught me , i scored.
those stuff she taught me , i got wrong for it -.-
think i should stop this tuition soon , its kinda a waste of money :/
Alrights , i wanna go find some nice drama to watch now.
stay tune (:


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