4:22:00 PM

Cas is feeling miserable today :'(

Hate quarrels , hatehatehate :x

chem/bio mcq prelim today , did my best ..
but i wasnt in the mood to do anything , felt like just putting my head on the table and sleeep :/
after school , headed to market eat den went to raymond's house.
waited for him to get prepare and we headed to kahtib as the guys are having badminton game.
chatted with sheryl thru out their game and took bus 857 home after that .
will be meeting raymond they all for midnight movie today :]
watching HarryPotter , idk if its nice not , isnt rly into wizard show.
Lols :D
will blog more after i reach home , hopefully everything gets better ltr :/
stay tune (:


P/S : Sorry k .

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