9:20:00 PM

Determination is the success to everything :D

Its been quite long since i last blog.
well , shall being now.

Like i said , went HANS at mandai road for dinner .
i ate alot man ~
cause i didnt want to be a spoilspot ,
after that jackson and raymond stayed over at my house again :D
hehes .

here are the pic taken :]
Our black pepper chicken chop !
Bro's fried rice is delicious ^^
Hor fun is nice too :]
Daddy taking a look at his birthday present :D
Daddy opening present.
hahahas :D
Brother ♥
Mum and dad.
I love daddy ♥

Lastly ,
My beloved parents !

slacked the whole day at home ,
Raymond taught me alil maths while jackson surf the net the whole day.
lols ,
they went home at ard 10pm+ :D
And mum bought super lots of food that day -.-
damn alot man , crazy ones.

Was prelim paper , math paper 1 and bio .
math wasnt as difficult as i thought , however , doubt i can score too .
bio was ? idk , hopefully can pass.
hahahas !
after paper , slacked awhile den headed home to change .
and headed out to meet raymond to watch his bball match .
Min Yi VS idk which team ,
they won again , lols .
and we stayed to watch another bball match .
went home at ard 10pm+
took bus 70 home after i reach yck :D

Did chemistry paper and math paper 2 .
math this time was a shit man !
at first , when doing the 1st three question , i rly thought ' wow ! prelim paper dont seems that difficult at all . '
but , never say things too early .
Q4 onwards , i can faints man , i totally dont understand what they are asking .
I totally had no idea what to do .
At first i thought i was the only one who was struggling ,
but after paper .. everyone was complaining that this paper very difficult.
whew ~
hahahas :D
chem .. no comment .
cause im hopeless in chem , rushed the paper and sleep :/

after paper , the guys and myself headed to market to eat .
and we went to raymond's house to slack .
watched Hot Shot and played mahjong :D
went home at 7:30 while raymond and his bro went to his grandma's birthday celebration .
No school tmr , woots ~
hahahas :D
will be resting a day at home , charge my enegry as i have been going out lately.
Rarely stay at home , time to zi dong and stay at home before mummy starts nagging at me :]
alrights , wordy post this time , nothing much to blog abt anyways.
stay tune (;


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