1:33:00 AM

Game? then what abt feelings?

I'm feeling rly down now .
is everything just a game? if everything in th world is just like a video game ,
i bet that i would lose out in the first match :/
If everything is just a game , what abt feelings ?
can feelings be just a game?
feeling happy isnt a game .
feeling sad isnt a game .
feeling angry isnt a game .
is it?

A relationship cant be just a game ,
cause relationship consist of feelings , emotions , compromises , patience .
it isnt a video game , video game is computerise , it doesnt have emotions ..
i cant treat a relationship like a game , if a relationship has to be like a game .
I guess , im losing soon :/

Random post .
stay tune (:


p/s : i want things to work out :/

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