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Happy birthday , my sweet one :)

Firstly , i wanna wish my sweet one happy birthday .
Georgina aw , happy birthday worhs.
You have no idea how much u mean to me , my precious cousin ,
always thr for me when im in trouble :D
love you babe , seriously alot.
18 years old alr , so fast hor , just a moment ago we were lil kids like the photograph in ur room .
Now , look at how much we have grown .
Happy sweet 18th babe . i LOVE LOVE you <3

Next is about harry botter ,
Ratings : 5/10
the story line isnt nice , and isnt exciting .
wouldnt recommend anyone to watch , so ..
lols !
after watching is alr coming 2am ,
walked back to yck with raymond , steven and jackson .
steven headed to jackson home to bath while i and raymond headed back to his house to wait for them to get prepared .
cabbed home at 4am -.-

And today woke up at 1pm , changed and headed down t clarke quay to collect my cheque ,
however they wrote my name wrongly -.-
so , mrt back to yck .
decided to go find raymond ,
and i met my precious sherylsiow while walking to overhead bridge ..
cheer up girl :D
walked her home and i head to raymond's house .
slacked till 6:30+
den went to interchange to meet nana and claudia while raymond headed for his bball training.

Now , im at my sweet one house .
lols , her friends are at her house so im in her room using her com .
waiting for raymond to come :/
im starving man !
lols ~
will update more when i reach home ,
mum said tmr is durain party cause she bought 15 boxes of durains ..
Hahahhas :D
stay tune (:


P/S :happy birthday my dear georgina .

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