2:07:00 AM

Hope , Pray , Wish .

Chinese O lvl is easier den N lvl to me , maybe cause the topic that came out wasnt that
difficult to ans tho i sucks in talking and the teacher had to guess what im trying to say next .
but still , i managed :D
whew ~
let a sigh of relief once its over man !
hahahas !
Now , all i need to do is hope , pray and WISHHHH i score well so that it would pull
my O lvl chi paper grade up :]

so , aftermath , headed home at ard 6?
was suffering frm a bad stomache , idk what it is .
my tummy is so bloated now , maybe im coming my reddie soon ?
hmmms :/
changed and went out with bro to bishan as we shopped for daddy's birthday present. :]
spotted one , costed $300 ++ . Not cheap .
didnt had the money , so we headed to amk as im meeting raymond and the guys at amk mac.
bro went thr to meet all his friends too ,
slacked till ard 10:30+ and ltr , bro and me walked home.

I really realise i wanna grow up , to earn money so that i could actually have the money to
buy my love ones presents .
I feel so bad that i didnt have any money to buy for my daddy his birthday present .
when i was young , somehow i manage to save money and can even afford to buy $100+ for both my parents every year w/o fail , plus on mothers day and father's day .
now , just buying 1 birthday present , i have headache alr.
damn .

so , mum will be giving us money tmr and i will be going back to get the present :D
will be celebrating at night .
hehehes :D
Happy birthday daddy , i love you ♥

promise to buy u ur favourite brand of thing when i grow up okay ?
No , i should say when i start earning my own money ._.
hahahas , cause the brand u like too expensive alr .
lols !

and , i wonder if i should apply for DPA , everyone is applying now .
will i lose out if i dont , damn .
i need to get into poly , and earn myself a diploma .
I'm so afraid that i will screw up O lvl and end up with nothing :/
shall update tmr / so ?
I wanna sleep alr , nights people :D
stay tune (:


p/s : Good luck to those yet to take ur O lvl chinese ! :]

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