12:07:00 AM

I found out abt me :/

Hmms , im home :]
with nana beside me , she's staying over :]
woots ~ i miss nana so god damn much .

Went dobhy ghaut with geo , followed her for an interview :D
Lols ,
and nana came to find us .
after that nana said she wants to stay over at my house , so she wants to go home to take a lappie.
so , geo and me slacked at mac while nana head home.
wah , we slack for coming 2 hrs cans?
cam-whored until we almost went crazy .
cause we are super super bored .
finally , Nana came and we went to find some place to slack .
No money no fun :/
lols .

oh we saw a guy doing magic trick , lols .
so cool :D
but when we ask him to tell us his trick , he said ..
Must buy den can , so we walk off.
very mean right?

anyways , at mac was so funny .
cause i felt a ugly hair ( crooked hair ) and i pulled it out.
den its a white hair .
Geo and nana took my hair and start giving comments.

geo : Oh , this part ( black part ) is when u not stress tat time ..
den now white .. is cause u stress .. den this part black is cause u not stress .
den nana was like : Nono , is this part she not stress , den ltr she now stress alr ...
but now she with us so not stress so black .

btw , my hair was the starting point black , den half way thru , it's white , den ltr black agains.
Lols , damn cute and funny .
im never bored with my beloveds.

So , anws , i did some survey myself today .
somehow i realise that people are commenting on my attitude .
and i did some thinking , but i just cant seems to know when i attitude / how i attitude them.
so while nana was away , i ask geo and she said she couldnt feel my attitude ,
maybe cause i didnt attitude her .
den after that while on th way home with nana , i asked nana .
cas : Nana , u think i got attitude not?
nana : Fei hua !
and i was alarmed , shock and stunned.
lOls ,
so i asked her to give me example and everything .
as i realise , i rly need to do something to salvage something that i wanna treasure.
and i realise , its my tone and the way i talk :/
which is something that im alr so use to it that i just dont realise it .
Nana said i wouldnt know , cause its the way i talk .
But when ppl listen , they will feel that im attituding them :/

was pretty shock at first , cause i swear i rly had no idea i'm giving an attitude :/
so i told nana , wah .. like that i must even change my speech and tone .
tough sia .
oh well :/ will try.

i have plenty of pic to upload , plenty , but im not uploading now ..
will be going out with nana ltr , as thr's nothing to do at my house.
will be wandering ard amk estate and find some place to slack bahs.
stay tune (:


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