11:12:00 PM

if u ever fall , climb up again .

I just finished bathing , spent an hr or so in the bathroom.
Lols , i did a 'hair treatment' myself .. and ltr , i will be putting on some facial mask :D

So anws , school was a full free day today .
i only had 3 lesson and the rest was free period .
lols ,
during charater first period ,we had this career speech thing ..
and the speaker showed us this video which was rly rly meaningful .
A guy who has no arms nor leg , and he still manage to live a normal life.
was attracted to the video until the speaker stop the video and start his talks -.-
den was super boring again .

So after school , headed to market with raymond , qing hai , steven , lizhe and dorita.
I ate nasi lemak :D
woooots ~ godlike.
Lols , ate carbo today as i had nafa at 3:45 .
did the 5 stations including 2.4km ..
cheated alil , so i passed :D
hehes ^^
after that , watch the guys played basketball for awhile before heading home.

So I wont be attending school tmr,
nothing much happening in school either .
decided to rest at home and out in the afternoon :D
hahas ,
and Bro's birthday is coming on 3rd Aug , i have no money to buy him anything.
my cash is rly rly tight alr :/
And im like so broke now ..
Plus , i eyed on OxyMask , i wanna buy !!
but it cost $138+ , gooodness.
So expensive :/ oh wells , maybe next time :/
Bro's birthday is more impt.
alrights , gonna go do my facial mask now.
stay tune (:


p/s : Persevere with whatever u wants to do , and one day .. u will achieve it :]

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