9:32:00 PM


Lets hope for the better !

Woke up at ard 11 today , msged with sheryl .
and went to change at 1 .
met sheryl and gary at 3pm at amk hub , headed down to dobhy ghaut to buy something :D
And i'm so happy with what i bought man !
hahahas ,
will post the pic up soon .
anws . after that , gary , sheryl and myself headed back to yck.
i went to raymond's house while sheryl and gary went off.
slacked at his house till 6?
acc him go market eat and he headed for his bball training while i head to look for sheryl and gary .
acc her eat her dinner at market again den headed home.

Heard some upsetting news when i got home.
haiis :/
hopefully things will turns out better , and hope u cheer up girl !
I rly hope things will turn out better , haiis.
will be heading to geo house ltr ,
wanted to meet raymond at 12am tonight , but i doubt its possible alr.
Oh wells :/
update more ltr?
stay tune (:


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