10:17:00 PM

My butt hurts !

I just fell down 2 times just now ,
cause my bro's computer chair spoilt ,
and me being the smart alac went to continue sitting on it ,
all of the sudden i just fell down ,
wah .. pain pain pain !
daddy came running up the stairs and i told him what happened .
My dad is so caring towards me :]
he asked if i hurt my head , did i hit my head on the floor ? and if im feeling okay ? :D
hahas ,
Then , somehow .. i still did not learn my lesson and decided to continue sitting on that same chair
as im really lazy to go downstairs to get a stool ,
and i fell down again after 10mins or so .
this time , bro went down to get a chair for me .
but , my butt hurts now >.<

Okay , i know .. i dont deserve to be pity cause i asked for it :/

anws , school was boring today ..
but i like today's lesson , cause NO POA LESSON !!
woohooos ~
hahahas , its the best thing in school man .
and english lesson was ultra fun , we played game !
hahahas :D
after school , qinghai and me went to market to eat while we wait for raymond to come down .
den follow by dorita and james .
aftermath , we headed to raymond's house and they played mahjong.
the rest went off after that ,
stayed at raymond house till 7+ and went home :D

Tmr is chinese O lvl oral , im really afraid that i will totally screw up tmr ,
speaking chinese is impossible to me ,
I'm so dead !!
haiis .
Good luck people , and goood luck to myself :D
stay tune (:


P/S : Time to grow up ;D

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