8:22:00 PM

Never settle for less , if not ...

Found this quote and i find it rly rly meaningful .
u might not be able to understand now as i didnt copy the whole quote as it doesnt suit
me now cause im not falling out of love now.
lols :D

Alrights , like i said . i stayed home the whole day ,
surfing nets and chatting on msn .
played reversi with georgina and i lost to her.
Lols ,
i wasnt concentrating on the game okay :P

she said she miss me , so touch !
I miss her too :]
her birthday is this coming saturday ,
her sweet 18th birthday :D
and soon she's going to take her driving lesson and soon , she will be driving me out.
Oh boy ! i cant wait .
hahahas :D

I always try to imagine , all my friends growing up , driving cars together.
wow ! how cool is that .
middle of the night , calling each one of us ,
meet up for supper , and we come drving cars.
woah !
driving to genting together , 10+ cars together ..
imagine it?
wonder if that day will ever come , hahahas.
no more worries for taxi fare.
midnight charge / anything :D
hahahas .
i seriously feeling like growing up now,
mum said when i reach my 23th birthday .. i will wish that i'm young once again ,
cause thats when my real stress life begin ,
when im out to the society , facing difficulties and stuff.
being on my own , earning my own living.

sounds scary eh ?
but thats what life is all abt .
as long as there are loves ones ard u , life is great :D

emotional post huh , hahahas .
That's my thought for today .
STILL i have to complain , TMR IS POA paper .
stay tune (:


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