5:43:00 PM

Can you respect her not?

I'm so in love with this sentences today .
Oh wells , not saying here ..
confidential* however , you know i know huh ?

Yes, RESPECT one another is very very impt yeah.

alrights , so teacher's day celebration was plain boring -.-
nothing nice nor interesting.
after school , went to raymond's house.
slept till like 12+ woke up , watched boyf and jackson play soccer .
and ard 3+ headed home to change .

was done by 5 ? went out frm the house , and i suddenly remember i have to bring cheryl sng notes.
so hurried back home , take the notes and went out again ...
was walking halfway and boyf called.
ask me go hm first cause he wasnt rdy -.-
so , i walked back again .
how cool !
i must have looked so silly , walking back and forth .

So , im waiting for his call right now.
bored bored bored bored bored , YES !! casandra is bored !
maybe i shall do some study while waiting for his call.

MORE update when i reach home.
stay tune (:


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