7:15:00 PM

Exactly 2 months before our O lvl examination begins.

Just reached home not long ago ,
and im waiting for bro to get rdy ,
going to celebrate shasha's 18th birthday tonight at gracious's pub :]]

So anws , woke up at 2+ and decided to change and head down to raymond's house.
The moment i entered the house , so nice smell.
his mummy cooking.
lols !
slack at thr and ate dinner thr :]] *yummy :P

at 6:30 , boyf had to prepare to go for his bball match .
so i went home :]]

alrights , bro smells soo nice -.-
he put damn alot of perfume.. guess he's going to be a big bad wolf tonight?
so anws , ytd went to watch boyf bball match also ..
their match started in this very weird introduction .
gt lion dance -.-
after match , took lorry back to amk .
ate at S11 and we rushed to watch movie :]]
The Last House On The Left.
The show started at 11:30 and we bought the tix at 11:45.
lols ,
boyf went to toilet while i buy the tix.
and when he come back ,
he : dont tell me is ghost show .
den i gave that evil smilee.
hehehes ! :B
and he gave that wahlaooo face.
Damn ultra funny.
HOWEVER , in the end it wasnt a ghost show :]]
its a thriller show , not bad i must say .
quite nice .
M-18 :]
damn bloody and disgusting .. I like :]
Ratings : 8 / 10
Hahahas , ppl must be thinking tis girl is mad lah .
like ghost and bloody movie.
but thats me :]
I like like like , love love love horror and disgusting movies.
tho i might not dare to sleep when i reach home..
but i still love watching this kind of movies.

So , after movie is ard 1:30am ..
but i still didnt felt like going home.
called mum and tell her , den we headed back to boyf's house.
slacked thr till 4am and i cabbed home :]

so here are ytd's pic .
The weird introduction.
Lols , before the start of the game :]
Our first movie tgt :]

alrights , thats all :]
Definitely , more pic after today .
stay tune (:


p/s : happy 18th birthday shasha :]

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