11:09:00 PM

Happy 2nd (:

Just reached home not long ago ,
acc family watch drama .. and now decided to update my blog as its getting pretty dead huh .
Oh wells ,
I got some pic to upload but i'm rly lazy to upload now.
maybe tmr or what?

So i shall just blog abt today .
as usual , went to school .
had Eng O lvl oral today , conversation was abt Racial Harmony .
Well , i dont think i did very badly tho , but i felt i could have done better if i wasnt so nervous .
My voice actually tremble when i first start reading the passage ,
i kept telling myself , STOP TREMBLING and READ PROPERLY .
i squeeze my tie hard as i read thru the passage :/

Hopefully , i will do well.
after school , bubble tea and went home.
changed and met raymond , steven , jackson at yck mrt.
qinghai met us at amk and we went to buy tix.
wanted to watch Final Destination 3 but its still not showing yet :/
so we caught the movie ' Turning Point ' , its abt tawain triads and undercover stuff.
kinda complicated but worth a watch tho :]

Ratings : 7 / 10

after watching , went to S11 as boyf wanted to eat .
and ltr home sweet home.
btw , my slipper spoilt -.-
lols ~
its not mine , its my mum's.
damn , lols !
but boyf was damn funny , he exchange 1 of his slipper with mine as i didnt know how to walk down
frm the bus with my spoilt slipper .
hahahas, so sweet <3

muacks *

I got feeling i'm falling sick soon ,
I feel cold easily and i'm having slight headaches.
Friday is prelim 2 , dont fall sick now casandra :/
alrights , nothing much to blog abt now.
stay tune (:


p/s : I'm kinda pissed off abt it :/
rly pissing me off .
its like you have no sense of anything or should i say ' buay zi dong. '
forget it , i should just let it pass,
all i can say is it totally ruin my mood man -.-

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