11:45:00 PM

Just like everyday , love is great ♥

Finally , i manage to squeeze out some time to blog -.-
gosh , its been one busy week ,
busy with humanities tests.
Though i like having humanities test as it really helps to practice my writing so that i would able to manage my O lvl paper well .
Hopefully , i can finish my O lvl paper.
But ... its like rly rly tons of things to study , to add on !
cause I'm taking Hist too , so i have like SS and Hist to study .
everything has to be squeeze into my tiny lil brain .
woah ..
and after school was group studies with raymond and others.
today i even went for night studies !
How great , how surprising , how interesting

still I've 5 essay YET to be completed , POA homework too ..
and mon , i have Social Studies test !
Oh yes , and after school retests ..
let me think , RIGHT ! i still have hist homework to do .
boy oh boy , its rly intensive training now huh!

anws , might not be going school tmr ..
i rly need a day off?
hahas :]]
I'm waiting for my mask to dry now .
i wanna get oxymask ! I wanna buy so many products for myself.

ALrights , TIME to wash off my mask .
Hopefully i will have more interesting post soon yeah ?
stay tune (:


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