10:24:00 PM

Live to your own expectations.

Finally my internet connection is back .
was having some internet connection problem for the past 2 days.
couldnt do my works and stuff.
Thanks RCKW :D
and sorry i gt short tongue :P

So anws , thr isnt much thing to blog.
Only thing was that we brought jackson to Tan Tock Seng hospital ,
cause he twisted his leg and had high fever.
Lols ,
the rest is all abt study , school , study .
nothing much at all .

Friday is half day and im considering whether to go school or not :/
sighs , and family and i may be going to malaysia on sunday ?
i dont rly want to go as i wanna go watch fireworks :/
but its depend on my mum now ..
sians ~

Now , im studying my Social studies ..
hopefully i can pass tmr's test :D
i dont wish to take any re-test la!
finish my test once and for all !
hahahas :]
alrights , will update some other time.
stay tune (:


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