9:57:00 PM

Thanks for the special surprise , love.

Just finish watching my drama . :]
So i decided to blog before switching off my com.

Woke up after recieving an unhappy call AND messages frm rckw.
den follow by steven's call saying they are heading to my house to have a 'serious talk' with me -.-
and to give me something ..
my mind was alil blank lah.
hahahas , after they came suddenly raymond appeared .
he's the surprise , lols!
i was damn surprise and shocked .
and also very happy :] hehes ^^

slacked and play mahjong .. My mahjong is improving :]]
and raymond headed for his friendly game at 5:50 .
qinghai and steven stayed till 7:30 and they headed home.
Thanks for the special surprise , first time.

anws , the guys are going to watch fireworks tmr.
I wanna go , but mum seems to be having this idea of going to malaysia tmr.
which i totally disagree and do not wants to go .
but i dare not voice out :/
sighs ~
i wanna watch fireworks .. i dont want to go for a holiday .
what should i do , feel alil moody abt this!

alrights , gotta go .
stay tune (:


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