2:21:00 AM

Another wonderful day.

Woke up at 11am , i overslept :X
well , i couldnt get a good sleep last night , kept waking up at every hour .
Cause of some stupid dream which i cant remember ..
but i was being disturbed by my dream .
i woke up at 4 .. went back to sleep . woke up at 5 .. 6 .. 7... and finally i slept till 10:30 my alarm clock rang ..
i lazily went to turn off my alarm and fell alseep till 11 .
rushed to change and gave boyf his wake up call .

Luckily boyf postphone the time to 12:30 , so i need not rush ((:
whew ~

met boy at yck station and we headed to cineleisure to buy our movie ticket .
As we still had 2 hours to our movie , we decided to have our lunch first .
wanted to go have steamboat , but the timing wasnt right.

In the end we spotted a diner at cineleisure ..
The American Diner and we decided to settle there.
The meal wasnt too bad ^^
I would say quite nice actually ..
I ordered fish and fries , and its super BIG !
i couldnt even finished my 2nd piece , ate less than half of it and i gave up.
Boyf ordered mix grilled , their chicken was very nice too ((:

At least we chose a nice place to dine. ^^
after filling our stomach , we went to the arcade to pass time while waiting for our movie.
Boyf played a game ( idk what ) and many people tried competing with him but failed.
Guess boyf is just too pro huh :P
* shakes head *

Finally , at 3 we headed to watch our movie ..
And the ugly truth totally worth a watch!
its so funny , i laughed alot .
Well , they basically had many dirty talks in this movie but the show is just awesome .
The Ugly Truth

girls , u definitely can learn alot about guys in there .
And i totally agree that guys are visual creatures (:
I kept asking boyf if what they said about guys are true ..
hahas. i must have been a pest in the movie theater uh!
Ratings : 9 / 10

After movie , went to chua chu kang as boyf has his match at 7.
we saw miss choi pei ling there , it's super coincidence , we seems to be able to see her everywhr we go !!
Watched boyf match till 8 and we watch the finals ..
it was rly exciting , especially when the players were really good .
after the last game was their prize presentation (:
had buffet after that and we took a uncle's lorry home .

Mum asked me to go my grandma's house.
so cabbed there , and the stupid taxi driver pissed me off.
I hate it when taxi drivers dont know how to go to the destination u wants.
like common' if i knew how to go , i would have drive myself right?
i enter the cab and told him that i'm heading to punggol and he was like huh ?
stupid man!!
next i tried to lead him BUT that man was too stubborn to listen .
so i let him go his way and ltr he apologised that he went the wrong way .
goodness , i almost exploded .
I kept looking at the rising meter while my temperature rises too .
in the end when we are quite close to my grandma's house i stop the cab .
decided that i would rather walk or else my cab fare would have costed at $13 !!
shags ~

Enough of me complaining .. here are the pic taken today ((:
I wore my 4 inches heels today and my toes has blisters now >.< Photobucket
Boyf looking at the menu.
The soup of the day ((;
Mix Grilled.
My cutie love♥

At arcade.

4th place , Minyi.
cant wait for them to get the champion soon :D
Happy guy (:
His team mates.
wow ^^
Boyf and me . The trophy was rly heavy !

And lastly ,
My favourite picture for today (:
A wonderful date with boyfriend & happy 3rd ^^

Alrights , stay tune (:


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