5:11:00 PM

Crucial moment , hardcore period.

Its 5 now , i just taken my lunch and i was supose to study now.
BUT , my precious soul and mind airn't cooperating with me :/
I got to remind myself that my O lvl are less than a month away .
English paper would be on the 26th .

Right now , i just cant wait till end of O lvl ,
geo gave an idea that we should party at night right after my last paper .
it makes me so anxious , i cant wait for my last paper to end.
Then , i would simply let my hair down and party till dawn.

Goodness , i'm actually thinking about partying when my O hasn't even start .

I'm in such a confuse state right now , i dont know where to start and how to start .
Mathematics or science ?
How to self study when i dont even know what to study on .
Practice some math problems .. but i seems to have so many problems just solving one question .
I regretted not buying 10 years series for my mathematics and science .
I'm definitely in a desperate situation right now .

CAS CAS , gotta wake up and set your mind on the boook .
those disgusting books !!

After november , i would be joyous to see my book becomes ashes.
My 5 years of sufferings would disappear after november ((:

I'm going insane ! i want to study yet i dont feel like studying.
but each time i wake up , i lie in my bed and tell myself .
'Time to study !'
i smiled , brush my teeth and while i walk to my study table ..
i saw my television and my computer ..
and my mind goes ..
' maybe i should just watch 1 hr of television and play the com for awhile (: '
and there .. LIKE now .. i'm not studying .

Boyf is out at cineleisure .
I feel like going out too , it makes it even harder to concentrate on studying .
i guess in conclusion .. my mind isnt set on studying yet.
Gotta boost up my motivation ..

alrights , i guess i SHOULD end my post here and go study alil .
at least doing alil question a day is better than not doing anything at all right?
stay tune (:


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