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Hate and force cannot be in just a part of the world without having an effect on the rest of it.

Some creepy thing happened today and it got me to sit infront of my study table and studied for 1 1/2 hour!
Yeah , the creepy thing was that , i actually dreamt that i was sleeping and i forgotten WHO asked me to wait up and study .
Plus , in my dream , that whoever lecture me non-stop .
Is like... super creepy for me.
I had no idea i would ever dream this kind of dream , i woke up.. brushed my teeth and immd opened my books and start studying.
Hahahas ((:

In the evening , boyf told me he wasnt feeling well and was having a bad headache.
I went to change and bus down to boyf's house.
Reached his house at 8 ,
Knocked his door - No one opened.
Called boyf - No one picks up.
Called his house - No one picks up.
I was freak out as boyf isnt those sleeping log types.
he would wake up after 1 or 2 calls.
I thought he fainted or something :/
immd called jackson , jackson called steven ..
Omg ! Hilarious isnt it !
In the end , after the 7th call , boyf ans ( he was sleeping )
Got into his house at 8:20!

Guess thinking too much led me into being so creative .
Boyf laughed non-stop after what happened , idiot.
he didnt knew how worried i got when he didnt pick up his call. >.<
so gave him some medicine and went home at 9 ((:


Now, yesterday !
Its was sarah's birthday , we went down to serangoon for BBQ.
a surprised birthday gift frm qinghai to sarah .
Had fun ((:
I dont have any pic , would be waiting for sarah to upload them den i will take frm her.(:
Happy birthday sarah .

tmr will be going back to school , it seems so long since i last went to school .
I cant even remember when :X
shall have an early sleep tonight.
Goodnights people !
stay tune (:


P/S : hopes boyf get well soon uh !!

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