11:18:00 PM

Life should always be beautiful (:

Poor boyf suffered last night , due to food poisoning .
Lols !
so after MCQ test , went to boyf's house.
he was still sleeping , so i studied bio alil .

In the afternoon , went polyclinic with him.
and the kuku clinic was damn crowded , plus the doc called wrongly .
and we waited even longer :/
Finally after 1 hr , he got his medicine ..
met qinghai and sarah at hub as we decided to catch Phobia 2
steven and jackson came after the show started for awhile. ((:

Ratings : 5 /10
well , i would say its good or bad . EFFY i suppose :D
but i wouldnt recommand anyone to watch this if u are expecting some horro movie.
cause this movie has more funny parts than scary parts.
PLUS , their ghost isnt exactly what i expected from a thailand horro movie !
Lols , i would say phobia 2 is more of a comedy than a horro movie ^^

After movie , headed back to boyf house for awhile , acc him for dinner and home sweet home (:
I'm watching American Next Top Model , the girls rly has amazing perfect features.
damn ~
Envy envy envy >.<

School again tmr , going to get our math , social studies and english prelim result back.
I'm surprisingly quite nervous , i wonder what grades i would get this time.
hmm hmm hmm :/
alrights , stay tune (:


p/s : Rest well dearest , get well soon !

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