11:14:00 PM

Much much more.

Alrights , I'm hesitating if i want to go for tmr's POA prelim paper.
i seriously rather stay home and sleep -.-
shags ~

so anws , caught ' THE GAMER ' with boyf and friends.
Ratings : 7 / 10
Not that bad actually , all about games and stuff.
worth a watch ^^
aftermath , boyf went to my house to study for hist test .
we didnt study much in the end cause we watched ' fated to love you ' when my parents came home.
AND looked thru my young times photos -.- hahahahas.

SOO , eventually , i screwed up today's hist paper.
Yes , stalin didnt came out in SEQ but SBQ .
how cool ! -.-
so , i bomb my whole way in SEQ , tried my best to score for SBQ which hopefully .. i can !

After paper , ate at market and boyf and myself headed back to my house.
slept for awhile before changing and met steven at yck .
went town to meet up with jackson, qinghai and shumei.
we practically went town to eat KFC only .
Hahahahas :D
but its been like ultra long since i went town ..
I miss towning uh!
visited Shasha at her workplace , thought i could see my beloved georgina thr .
Great great disappointment when i didnt :'(

anws , i was home by 8:40pm today :D
and yeah ..
here are some pic taken :]
Look ! I'm sucha shorty :'(
If only boyf would just smile properly :/
Lols , his eyes seems so big leh 0.o

And lastly , my favourite picture for the day :))
Love this boy alot ♥

kkay , I wanna go bloghop now .
stay tune (:


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