2:40:00 PM

A thousand years from now , where will all of us be?

Decided to blog since i've nothing to do now and boyf is having his 3 on 3 at novena .
so its left with casandra and cas only .
lols , bored.

went to watch boyf's match ytd ,
woke up late , met steven and qinghai at 2:45 however , i was late .
reached at ard 3:20??
Sorry guys.
Lols :D
after his first match , we headed down to chua chu kang for his 2nd match .
a very exciting match uh ,
their points were super close and by the end of the game , they scored same points.
Hence , they gt a 5mins after time.
proud to say , boyf team won :D
hahahas :]

sat his friend's father car to yck , acc him eat and bus home :]
stay tune (:


p/s : Get well soon love. >.<

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