11:02:00 PM

To have a better life in the long road.

Rotted my day at home today .
practically slept my whole evening away :/
Only woke up at 7pm :D
amazing huh ? i got a huge headache when i woke up .
its like my blood wasnt flowing in my brain while i was sleeping.

Ah yes ! I skipped POA prelim paper ,my kuku brain told me to.
play msn games with boyf till 2:30am last night !
its kinda fun and rly pissing off when he stole my card !
I dont like playing reversi with him , cause i'm too noob.
But i like , love playing minesweeper with him , cause luck is always on me (:

something not too cracking for my brain cells - i like it :D

After that , he went to sleep and i continued watching tv till 4am (:

I'll be meeting up with my cousins tmr :D
cause its geraldine birthday ! Lovely , she's finally turning 17.
Guess what , I'm 17 , she's 17 .. and she's studying in poly now.
what a loser i am :/
Oh wells , i better be in poly next year or i'm rly a loser .
so , will be going taka tmr , beloved geo said theyw ill be having lunch at seoul garden ,
seriously , i'm not into eating steamboat right now .
I'm like so fat alr -.-
gosh , i'll be so guilty if i have steamboat tmr ,
i told mum i may just go thr to drink water and not eat ..

I dont want to be fat nor grow fat!
steamboat is a killer for girls , so fattening .
shags ~
but its cousin's birthday , i cannot NOT turn up .
so , yeps . i'm going , but might not be eating >.< style="font-style: italic;">temptation tmr .
damn !
being a girl is rly suffering at times ,
cause a girl's weight is sooo impt !!

If you wanna enjoy those delicious food out thr , u gotta sacrifice and become fat .
and you gotta give up good foods to maintain ur weight .
Two ways only , and i chose to give up good food .
so now i'm always watching people eat while my stomach in me growl :/

Recently , mum said : you are so skinny alr , better stop going on diet .
I was ultra happy . Hahahas , but i dont like people telling me i'm skinny cause
i will stop controlling myself and start eating .
then i will be fat , like FAT.
but i hate it when people says i'm fat :/
contradicting isnt it?
This is life i guess :/

Okay , today's post is rly a random post .
I'm just bored and felt like typing typing typing :D
shall end here with this old pic of me and my beloveds

stay tune (:


P/S : i miss boyf !

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