12:50:00 AM

5 more days to practical . 6 more days to paper.

Just imagine how time is flying pass .
time's running out , i'm still alittle behind time :/
damn !

Anyways , today got forced to wake up by boyfriend at 12:30 -.-
and so many problem happened at home today , took me an hour to get prepared.
haha !
met boyfriend in school and we studied till 5pm .
Then , went back to his house and waited for him to change before going to amk to find his family.
and we went to eat :D
I ate cause i treated it as a reward to myself for today ..
let myself loose and ate quite alot !! (:
hehe .
BUT tmr gonna stop , have to take some control before i gain weight again .. tsk !

After eating , we went to amk hub arcade , i sucks in games man.
I'm like a total game dummy -.-
I dont even know how to play daytona .
Haha ! but its quite fun (:
we played till 7+ before going back to boyfriend's house.

slacked till around 10 while i wait for mummy to fetch me from his house.

Family is now planning some family trip .
and i'm not really satisfied with the dates planned ,
Oh wells :/
i dont wish to be a spoilspot .
so ... have to go .
shags ~

Alrights , shall go do some other stuff now.

MSN game is having some prob ,
sorry dear .. dont get pissed off la! :X

stay tune (:


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