1:20:00 AM

Felt so loved today!♥

And its quite serious okay ?
my skin came off :(
and i think my leg is broken .

hahas ! okay that was a joke.

but anyway , i really fell down today .

First , lets start with the beginning of the day .
dear message me asking me to wake up at 11:30 , replied telling him to let me sleep for another 20mins.
in the end , i slept till 12:50 ..
when i woke up , i was shocked .
immd rushed and change and headed down to amk garden mac to meet up with boyfriend & friends.
anyways , had been having nightmares these days .

studied till 6 ? and den as the sky was dark , we decided to rush to amk hub first before it rains ..
cause i needed to go to mummy's shop as geo's parent opened a new shop there !
unfortunately , it rained before we reached amk hub .
while boyfriend and me was running in the rain , i tripped and fall.
boyfriend help me up and we walked to the shelter ,
he washes my wound with water and helped me paste plaster on it.
how sweet right?
i felt so lucky at that moment , wanted to take photo of that moment uh!

However , that was not the end.
Just the next sec , i felt my head becoming so heavy ..
and my vision start to blur , i couldnt even see boyfriend even tho he was right beside me .
it was like i was becoming blind or something.
I couldnt take it and sat on the floor .. boyfriend then asked me to climb up on his back ..
& he piggyback me from amk central to amk hub .
tho i wasnt myself at that moment as i was super dizzy ..
i felt so so so lucky lah!
I imagine everyone eyes one me :D * thinking again.
hahahahas , felt soooo loved at that moment can .
until i felt better , told boyfriend to put me down .. my face was alr pale by then .
sat down and rest ..
and finally i was alright :D
Thank dearest , i love you.

headed to mummy's shop ,
ate chicken rice + drank geo's daddy pig organ soup .
I thought i wouldnt dare to drink as i will get scare of the taste sometimes.
but the soup have absolutely no pig organ taste in it .
SUPER nice (:
People should go try it , its just behind my mummy's shop :)

And here are today's picture.

Let's start with me cam-whoring again ^^
yesyes , act cute again :)
no idea why i keep acting cute this year .. really so unlike me.
thus , i told myself .. stoppp acting cute and smile!
and this is obviously a 'C' for CAS ♥
You made me smile , i love you boyfriend
End of cam-whore.

This is georgina's daddy new shop .
and its really good :)
Must try ! recommended , order a plate of chicken + some noodles next shop and den their soup (:
a set . cool ? haha!
Their soup , nice.
what wonderful kids they are helping out their parents , felt kinda guilty ..
cause i never help out in my parent's stall . :(
Remember ! go try!

And now ,
My leg with plaster ^^
My poor leg !
i wan boyfriend to help me 'huhu' !
inside thing*
i wonder if it will leave any scars.. :(

That's all for today .
haha !

YESTERDAY ; thursday

After studying with boyfriend and friends again ,
decided to go catch movie (:
watched Poker king ..
Rating : 9 / 10
This show was fantastic , not only it has good story line ..
it can also make u laugh till u drop .
hahaha !
totally worth a watch ^^
Two thumbs up .

after movie , its was already mid-night charge .
so i decided to head to boyfriend's house till 2am den went home (:

alrights , shall go bathe now.
scared :(
Cant imagine what it will feels like.
stay tune (:


P/S : i love you boyfriend ! thanks for today. ♥

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