11:18:00 PM

If you give enough , If you learn to trust.

Oh my god , i fell in love !
yes , casandra is in love now .. in love with a SONG (:
ahahas , its a really old song i think .
But i happened to hear it and fell in love , Its kind of the love at first heard thing.
The song is - Only Love By tradeMark .
So anyone , if u happened to have this song , let me know cause i want it okay ?
Thanks .

So yeps , after talking about my ''love'' thing , shall move on to studies?
Anyone leaving this blog now?
I've just been studying chemistry , its really difficult .
i think i shall leave it to Mrs Teo when i meet her on next wednesday .
I just cant understand a single thing .
And today , woke up early and head to school for Social Studies remedial .
was super tired as i only managed to sleep at 6am in the morning , so i only managed to get 2hrs of rest :/
Almost wanted to skip this remedial , but i forced myself to wake up .

after school , shih qian and me went to print the notes .
2 sets for boyfriend and headed home ..
drop dead on my bed once i reach home , and woke up at 3:30 to call boyfriend to wake up before falling asleep again .

Will not be attending mdm loo's lesson tmr .
so i can have a longer sleep :)

Alrights, so much for crapping here.
stay tune (:


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