2:39:00 PM

I'm fuming right now..

I dont know how to describe my mood right now.
Upset or pissed off ?
I guess it a mixture of both.

My whole day was ruined at the stupid chapel.
F.Y.I , its was only the beginning of the day in the morning .
I tried ways to get my mood back up but its totally impossible ..

Followed the boyfriend and friends to play pool , but i emo-ed at a corner.
The moment i think abt the chapel incident , my blood boiled instantly .
I gave a long-face the whole day even though i tried to smile.
The whole situation was super fucked up!

What a wonderful graduation service huh ? Me feeling sour , pissed off and upset .
After the boys had their fun , waited for the bus to go home.
and the bus was so crowded when i entered.
With my sour mood , i felt like the whole world was against me , as everyone squeezed and start bumping against me ..
i couldnt torelate any longer ,
i even glared at a woman as she bump against me so hard and didnt even apologise !!
I alight the next bus stop and walked home .

The sun was so hot but i guess i needed sometime alone to calm myself down.
listened to music as i walked home , every car that drove past me must be thinking that i'm nuts to actually walk in such a hot day .
walked for at least 30-40 mins before i reached home..
but i seriously think that it would have been better if the distance was longer.
The moment i stepped into my house , i still feel down .
Today is really a shitty day for me :/

sighs .
Maybe taking a good long nap would help more ..
first i need to drink my 6 cup of water as i ate just now . >.<
alrights , stay tune.


p/s : Happy that kelvin uncle is coming back today ((:

p/s : I have every reason for getting upset over the chapel incident.

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